The movie project I began in January and worked like a beast over until April is finally moving forward! After four months of developing the script, we have brought it to a shoot-ready script with one more revision set once we have the actors who will play the lead roles.


This photo was taken way back when I was on draft 4 or 5 (I think that’s what this selfie was for) and it’s not finally coming through

But that’s when we hit a snag. We didn’t have actors who were either available or the management was willing to let them be a part of the film.

And the demands of the role meant we couldn’t just get anyone. We had to get really good actors for this very daring romantic comedy because the character arcs are quite intense and the emotional journey they take is very layered and nuanced.

By June, I had stopped hearing from my producers as two of their other films had begun production while they were promoting a film that was released for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. I got busy with my documentary and pitching for a television show and a movie and I didn’t even have a chance to be sad because things were going crazy on my end.

And then BLAM! One of our choice lead actresses was finally available and we pitched it to her and while she had reservations about the choices the character she would be playing will make, she seemed ready to take on the challenge.

Just yesterday, we met with another one of our choice actors for the lead part and he was very intrigued with the concept and the project as a whole. And, while we kept talking about the film, after he had said yes, he began to realize how challenging it would be for him and he was both nervous and excited.

I’m now just waiting for their notes and their feedback on the last draft of the script so that we can incorporate it into the final version which I’ll be doing tomorrow.

And then everything is going to be moving quickly after that.

We have a tentative story conference with the press and look tests late next week and we plan to shoot end of the month when pre-production gets locked down.

I have a movie and it’s coming out early next year and I’m just so thrilled to finally be here again and I’m going to be in town for it all. This is what I came back to Manila for. This is what I fought to stay alive for.

This is what I’m meant to do.


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