The Awkward Bait and Switch of ‘The Day After Valentine’s’ (ClickTheCity)

I saw The Day After Valentine’s the other day and it’s not the movie I was expecting it to be. And that’s supposed to be okay. A movie should be able to surprise you and keep you on your toes. The film is a drama about forgiveness and healing disguised as a typical romantic drama full of hugot lines (hugot is the Filipino word for “pulled out” or “drawn out” but has taken a new meaning to reference ‘lines pulled from a painful learned experience’ or ‘painful learned truths’) but the rug pull of the film isn’t done quite well. It doesn’t transition from one film to the next seamlessly and we keep getting lost as to what kind of film we are seeing.

Instead of being surprised, I was confused. The people around me were confused as well.

Read my review here: The Awkward Bait and Switch of ‘The Day After Valentine’s’ (ClickTheCity).


JC Santos and Bella Padilla do what they do best in The Day After Valentine’s but, unfortunately, it is in roles they can do in their sleep

I like Bella Padilla and JC Santos. My problem is that they were playing characters I’ve seen them play before. This is a character that Bela Padilla has mastered and she’s done it so well in films like Camp Sawi and Meet Me in St. Gallen while I’ve seen JC Santos on stage and I know his range is so much bigger than what this film offers.

There’s a good movie in here but it got muddled by the structure and execution.

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