Unbridled Chaos: a review of ‘Buy Bust’ (ClickTheCity)

The trailer is amazing and we’ve all seen on Anne Curtis’ Instagram how hard she trained for this role and for that, I was excited to catch Erik Matti’s Buy Bust. And it was quite satisfying. There were many directorial decisions that he made that I didn’t agree with but I could see why he chose it. The two biggest issues I had where to choose chaos over clarity in many of his action set ups and the other was the bloated 2-hour running time rather a than leaner, and in my opinion, more impactful 90-minute cut, which I felt would have made the movie much more powerful.

But hey! I got what I came for and that’s to see Anne Curtis be all bad-ass.

Read my review here: Unbridled Chaos: a review of ‘Buy Bust’ (ClickTheCity).


Anne Curtis reinventing herself completely in Buy Bust

I love Anne Curtis. From seeing her in Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story to Buy Bust, I think she is finally able to find some measure of release from the trap of her romantic comedy type cast. I’ve always thought there was so much more to her than that and I’m glad to finally see her in films that explore the many facets of her.


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