adrift ‘American River’ by Jonathan Elias

I first discovered Jonathan Elias when someone gave my dad The Prayer Cycles on CD, which I fell in love with immediately and stole from him. He let me steal it because I obviously loved it so much.

Every year since I got the CD, I would play it on the first day of the New Year. I’d play Benediction right on sunset and listen to Linda Ronstadt’s voice singing as the sun set into the horizon. It’s most beautiful when I’m at the beach. I did it this year, in Boracay, and I’ll probably do it again on the first day of 2019, wherever I may be.


my new favorite album from Jonathan Elias

Ever since Spotify, though, I would listen to The Prayer Cycles on Spotify especially since I don’t have any machine that can play a CD. I’d let it play sometimes while I’m writing or trying to think about profound thoughts and one time, as Spotify sometimes does, it would play songs similar to the album you were just listening to and they played Can’t Stop Love (Wake Up America) and I was absolutely charmed.

What a beautiful song. I then listened to the whole album of American River and I found myself listening to that more and more than The Prayer Cycles.

It’s haunting and melodic and just absolutely stunning and I love listening to it when I’m on a long bus ride like the P2P from Makati to Greenbelt. Can’t Stop Love (Wake Up America) is truly some gorgeous anthem and I’m just absolutely in seventh heaven when I’m listening to it.

It’s one of my favorite discoveries of last year.

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