that green light, i want it

This is gonna be vague, but I don’t care. There are details that I can’t get into but just know that I got together with a good friend, Cholo Laurel, and we pitched some concepts to a possible producer and we’ve passed some point of entry into creating content that we are very, very passionate about.


I’m so excited, I’ll even use a gif on my blog

We’ve been working hard for the past month with some of our best students, who are graduating soon, and putting together pitches for movies and shows that, if they were to be given the green light, I’d be absolutely thrilled. These are interesting and very out-of-the-box concepts but they are solid ideas and they would be so fun to work on.

I know I said that the film I’m working on is finally moving forward after being in development hell for three months (that’s long in the Philippines, in my experience), and if all the timings converge, I’ll be releasing material at the end of the year and one after the other. My work is going to be everywhere and my name is going to be out there.

What’s great is that I might be able to add “producer” to my list of professions.

I do hope that we get the green light and that it sticks because a creative producer job would also be an amazing thing. There are a lot of creative producers who get paid to help develop a scriptwriter’s screenplay. With the work that I do with my students, I love helping other writers find solutions to their problems in narratives. It’s a good job that pays well enough and it isn’t as stressful as having to write the damned thing myself.

tumblr_ompuw4Mg9X1vf6qcpo1_250.gifAnd we need more scriptwriters out there. I’m not going to be greedy. I don’t want to write everything. There are stories out there that I want to see and hear and read. The more diversity of thought and opinions and points-of-view are so welcomed, in my book.

So, yeah, this green light, I want it. It’s more work, for sure, and I won’t be taking the break I promised myself just a month ago in one of these blog entries but this will change my life, for sure, and do wonders for my career and help clear me financially for the next year or so.

This is going to be big for me.

Please, Lorde, send me your energy.

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