radio is fun

So I dropped by the radio station yesterday, Jam 88.3, for Kooky Tuason’s program Bigkas Pilipinas. I was guest there alongside Luna Sicat-Cleto and Jam Pascual. We talked about poetry and got to perform our poetry on air.


Kooky Tuason, Luna Sicat-Cleto, and Jam Pascual after our Bigkas Pilipinas guesting yesterday

I’ve actually done radio guestings before, especially for Sam Oh’s show in 99.5 RT, back in the day when I just became public with my HIV status and I was invited to talk about it on air. I’ve also done AM radio guesting as well, which was tougher because I had to speak in Filipino, which I’m never comfortable doing.

There’s an ease in just being able to talk and I’m not having to guess how people are reacting. My empathy doesn’t ebb and flow, forcing me to adjust in mid-sentence when I feel like the person I’m talking to becomes interested or disinterested. I just start speaking without any inhibition and I just feel very comfortable with it.

I performed Everything Bends at the show because it’s Pride Month and it’s a piece that really does well when performed, I think. I’m glad I got a chance to perform it again.

Kooky’s show is actually quite amazing. At 9pm to 10pm every Tuesday, she plays spoken word pieces and poetry recitals from famous albums and she invites poets and spoken word artists to come over and perform on air. It’s not a dead time slot. It’s still pretty early and I think that’s pretty cool.


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