You Don’t Want to Check Out of ‘Hotel Artemis’ (ClickTheCity)

I think that was an unfortunate title choice. I was trying to make a clever pun about “checking out” of a hotel since the movie’s title is Hotel Artemis but looking at it now, it looks like I don’t want you to watch the film. Especially when I meant the opposite. I really, really enjoyed Hotel Artemis and was sad that it got such a low score in IMDb.

Read my review here: You Don’t Want to Check Out of ‘Hotel Artemis’ (ClickTheCity).


Sofia Boutella is gorgeous as the assassin called “Nice” and it’s the kind of role I was waiting for her to do since The Kingsman

Horrible review title aside, Jodie Foster, Sterling K Brown, Sofia Boutella, and Dave Bautista really brought out all the stops in this surprising action thriller. I was expecting a brainless action romp and I wasn’t expecting the strong emotional core that the film has at its center.


Sterling K. Brown shows off his leading man hotness that’s a far departure from his performance in This Is Us

I shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Jodie Foster wouldn’t have taken a script that wasn’t compelling. Even if she wanted to do a fun movie, she still would have picked a script that would have challenged her and had more layers than just an ordinary action romp.


Dave Bautista and Jodie Foster bringing so much heart in Hotel Artemis

I hope this film gets the cult status that it deserves because it’s fun and smart and tight and thrilling. I want to see more stuff like this.



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