And What Is a Hero? A review of ‘Incredibles 2’ (ClickTheCity)

We waited fourteen years for this sequel and it was everything I ever wanted from a sequel to The Incredibles. It’s probably my favorite Pixar animated feature and I’m glad Brad Bird waited for the perfect script before he started on it.

Because it’s marvelous.

Read my review here: And What Is a Hero? A Review of ‘Incredibles 2’ (ClickTheCity).


Elastigirl is probably one of my favorite superheroes ever

Holly Hunter is wonderful as Elastigirl. Her voice is so distinct and recognizable and she can project so much emotional nuance in just her delivery of the lines. And Catherine Keener is amazing too.

Brad Bird really is one of my favorite directors and I’m really just basing this on three films: The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocols. I really didn’t like Tomorrowland but it didn’t fail because of a lack of vision.

I hope we don’t have to wait for another fourteen years for the next installment in the Parr family’s adventures.

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