a Father’s Day post

It was Father’s Day last Sunday and I got to spend the day with my brother, who is a father, and my own dad, who is in town.

We hung out and talked and Datu made a great dinner, as usual, for us. It was wonderful. It was pleasant and it was great to be able to spend time with them on Father’s Day.


My first (and probably only) ever Father’s Day gift from two of my former students-turned-friends

To my surprise, though, was just a few hours ago, two of my students — former students, who have become friends, and hopefully soon, work colleagues — gave me a box for Father’s Day. They called me “Lolo”, which means ‘grandfather’ in Filipino, as a term of endearment but it was such a lovely gesture on their part.

In the box were just common household items but filled with post its on why they gave it to me. It’s so cute and funny and lovely and endearing. I was touched. They were my students on second term and they passed my class last March. They are on their last term and they aren’t enrolled in any of my classes but they asked me for some help with regards to their thesis.

Then, one night in May, they asked me out to a drink in Poblacion and it became this regular thing. I felt it was safe since the grades had been passed and they won’t be my students anymore. And they are super cool.

And we’ve transitioned into friends but the age gap and how we met will always be there and so I have no choice but to take the Lolo/Dad/Tito (uncle) title they throw at me every once in a while.

And along with the box of funny items is a small portable bluetooth speaker and it’s a wonderful gift. They know my speakers at home sucks and so they got it for me and it’s fantastic. My music feels and sounds so much more full now and it’s just the most thoughtful gift ever.

So, figuratively, this year I feel like a dad. Or maybe not. It feels great, though. I almost cried.

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