game nights are the bomb


played Codenames and I had to use a photo from the internet because I only took photos on IG stories and forgot to save ’em

I’ve been having a tough week lately and when my friend, Gavin, asked me if I was free Friday night to join his board game group, I immediately said “yes.” I met Gavin and his gaming group through Toff and I really like this group. I’ve only hung out with them a few times but they’re so chill and there’s no drama. And I really like how they’re so open to everyone.

I wish I met them sooner. Most of them don’t drink and the ones who do just have a glass of wine the whole night. And we play board games from 8pm until three in the morning. So that’s awesome. We really just get to hang out and chill and just have fun.

It was a really good night hanging out with some cool people and just not thinking about anything other than the task at hand. We played Codenames and Betrayal and Werewords and Mystic Maze.

I hope these guys really like me because I’d really want to hang out with them more. A Game Night here and there and just surrounded by company without any drama sounds really good for me right now.

They’ve been friends for a long time too so they have a rhythm and backstories that I’m not privy to and I feel safe with that distance. We haven’t reached the point yet where they’ve started to expect me/invite me to invest in the relationship. Right now, I’m just a friend they play Board Games with and that’s kind of comforting.

I won’t lie. I really like them and if I could, I’d invest and be more available to them, emotionally, but I’m not pushing it or rushing it.

I like this distance and I’ll let things happen organically. The space is good. The chill is good.

I can do with more chill in my life. And it’s not as if the games are relaxing. They can be stressful, especially since we all take it seriously. That’s what I like about them too; they’re not too cool to take the games seriously but they are having fun.

I like that. That’s so refreshing. It’s so nice to not have to take myself or things or life so seriously when I’m with them. I can just be and that’s fine.


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