and then something comes…

I have a really bad habit of making pronouncements here on my blog and then, several entries later, I seem to have forgotten them as I report another life event or work situation that completely undermines my previous statements and declarations.


a friend saw me grading papers in a coffee shop last week and this is probably going to be me for the next five years or more

I said a few entries ago that after this documentary and movie that I’m currently working on, I’m going to take a break from big projects. I want to just settle down and go easy the rest of the year.

But then something came up a week and a half ago and another one came just this morning.

Welcome to my life of endless opportunity! And I’m one not to let go of an opportunity. It’s a weird character trait of mine. I keep harping about how I never have to work hard to find a job. They always come running. But I still act like every opportunity is my last.

Or maybe the opportunities keep coming because I always take them when they come and they always lead to more. Maybe that’s the key?

Whatever the case may be, these two new projects are perfect for what I want for myself.

The first is a documentary short that a friend is putting together. I’ve never really worked with this friend before but I asked the details about my job requirements and its quite light. I will just help structure my friend’s thoughts and help guide the flow of his documentary. He’ll go shoot it and I won’t have to be there. And then I’ll help him put it together and write the narration for the piece.

This is a great way for me to work and he plans on bringing this around the festival circuit. It would be good to get my name out into the festival circles and to keep my filmography growing and diversify it. This is easier than my other current projects. It will still be work but it won’t be as stressful as the others. And the timeline is perfect.

The project that came up today is a pitching session for the possibility of creating a serial drama for a local cable channel.  A weekly series. The best part? I’ll be working with a good friend who I’ve worked with before and like working with. And we will be putting together a small team of young collaborators and I can choose from our best and brightest students.

I can continue to educate my kids outside of class and work with them. What a fantastic set up!

Well, that would only be true if our pitches get picked up. And I hope that it does. I’d love to do a weekly show. I’ve been teaching FILM4TV (writing for television) for two terms now and I’m enjoying it and learning so much about the medium and realizing how much I love it.


looking forward (photo by Jake Versoza)

The best part about working on a scripted weekly local serial drama is that I can keep my filmography current but manageable. It’s routine, more routine than a big film or documentary project, so that it becomes easier to manage my time and control my schedule.

Who knew that after all these years, I would gravitate towards projects that are routine in its organization?

Is this old age? (insert laughter here)

All I know is that I keep taking back declarations I’ve made in the past. But I’m no stranger to fortuitous circumstance. And I’m not one to shy away from an opportunity to create. To improve. To grow.

I hope this all works out in the end.


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