Full Moon in Venus (GLU)


cover of GLU (photographed by BJ Pascual)

So I kinda wrote a story for a comic, which came out in GLU, a zine published by Team Magazine. It’s my first time to write a comic since, well, the 90s. It’s kind of cool because it’s like coming full circle for me since my first ever job was in second year high school, when I was 14. I wrote Batang X comics for Sonic Triangle Publishing. My dad set it up for me but I wrote the damn thing. 28 pages, once a week.

I was probably really bad at it but I was 14, making money, and writing a comic book. I never stopped writing, really.

So when Paolo Lorenzana, editor of Team, asked me to contribute a comic for GLU, their new project, I said, “Sure.”

So I wrote the story Full Moon in Venus for the zine, illustrated by Richard Mercado. I’m quite happy with it.

The copies are free at Love Yourself and selected venues all around the metro. Follow Team Magazine on Facebook for details and to ask where you can get a copy.




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