Of Coldness and Stillness: A Review of CineFilipino Entry “The Eternity Between Seconds” (ClickTheCity)

5afa5fe3c1c315.81400542The Eternity Between Seconds is one of the most well-received and highly praised films of the CineFilipino Film Festival that’s concluding tomorrow. For some strange reason, I felt disengaged and could not connect to the film. I feel really weird about that. Everyone seemed to like it but I felt the film needed more warmth.

Read my review here: Of Coldness and Stillness: A Review of CineFilipino Entry “The Eternity Between Seconds” (ClickTheCity).

It had a great concept and wonderful cinematography but the film just felt so cold. People praised it for its stillness but what I felt it lacked was connection.

I get really nervous when I watch a film and my thoughts about it run contrary to what a lot of other people feel or see. I realize, of course, that there will always be a subjective approach to watching movies and that what I can do is offer a perspective and reasoning behind my thoughts and opinions based on everything that I know about film, filmmaking, writing, and art.

The girl beside me at the cinema was crying at the end of the film and I had to ask myself why and I couldn’t find an answer from the film I just saw.

Weirdly enough, I’ve even seen some reviewers call it a romantic drama/comedy and I thought that only the word “drama” really applies to the film. It is neither romantic (not in the love sense, it’s romance of a different nature) nor funny.

But I will soldier on. Movies are my life.

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