The Tender Heart of ‘Love, Simon’ (ClickTheCity)

Love, Simon snuck up on me and shocked me. I didn’t think I was going to be so affected by the film. It didn’t start off strong. But it was a sleight-of-hand by director Greg Berlanti to hit the story’s point home halfway through the second act.

I enjoyed myself so much watching it.

Read my review here: The Tender Heart of ‘Love, Simon’ (ClickTheCity).


Nick Robinson grounds the cast of Love, Simon and holds the film together

It was an amazing experience to watch this at the cinema. The film winds up the audience to a frenzy for its last act and the whole crowd was cheering and screaming and rooting for Simon until the end.

Even I ended up applauding at the end along with everyone else.

Like I said in my review, I wish a film like that was shown when I was younger. Something so heartfelt and kind and tender and gentle. I was lucky to be born to a family that understands and accepted me for exactly what I was and I never had to hide who I am from them and from the world.

But it would have made growing up less lonely. I’m happy for this generation to have a film like this for them to accept with open arms.

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