Formulaic, ‘Midnight Sun’ Says Nothing New for the Genre (ClickTheCity)

As romance movie plots go, there’s really nothing spectacular or special about Midnight Sun. The girl-with-affliction-meets-boy story has been done before and done better in movies like Everything, Everything and A Walk to Remember. This is a particularly close genre to my heart (because of my HIV) and so it is easy to endear me to these type of movies, even if it is badly written or whatever (see Love and Other Drugs as an example). I’m just a sucker for that trope.

But this didn’t do it at all for me.

Read my review here: Formulaic, ‘Midnight Sun’ Says Nothing New for the Genre (ClickTheCity).


Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne fail to sizzle and sparkle in this lackluster romance film about a sick girl who meets a boy

The songs, which is integral to the plot, doesn’t even soar. The songs are hardly memorable and won’t find a life outside of this movie. There’s just so much missing here, not the least of which was a chemistry between the leads.



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