Sky Full of Song (new song from Florence + the Machine)

Florence + the Machine has put out a new song and I absolutely love it. Sky Full of Song isn’t as dense as the songs from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful but it has all the things I love from Florence + the Machine — gorgeous lyrics, powerful vocals, and an engaging melody with very intricate instrumentation — and yet she still manages to throw in a surprise here and there.

That bass line that just side steps through the song and accompanies the vocals like a dance partner. That chorale harmony giving a fullness to the music. It builds but its crescendo never explodes. It’s an amazing showcase of artistic restraint.

She easily could but she doesn’t she just lets it bubble and it’s so lovely the way that it does.

I cannot wait to hear the accompanying album to this gorgeous song. I’ve already played this song on a loop on my Spotify. I need more.

I want more Florence!


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