everyone walks


things I see while walking

Last week, I spent the whole day doing errands. I was in Quezon City and then Ortigas and then in three different places around Makati. I did not take a cab or Grab. I commuted everywhere. I took a jeepney, the MRT, and walked. I probably spent the total of one Grab ride for that whole day of being in several places in one whole day and I got everything done.

I was exhausted but I got everything done.

I did the same thing today. Went to Greenhills and then to one of my former offices near Boni Avenue, and then finished off in Greenbelt. I took a jeep to the MRT  and took the train to get to all my stops and walked everywhere else.

I pretty much have a good feel of when to take the train. I have a good sense of when it isn’t so full so that the ride won’t be so cramped. It started with a need to be more thrifty and to not eat up my resources. I’m trying to save up and bring down my daily expenses because I have a year-long plan to be debt free and that includes living a lot more minimalistic.

I forgot, though, how much I love the freedom of just moving about the city on my two feet. The things I see on the commute. It reminds me of what I am connected to. It’s important. I need this.

Sometime in 2013, I moved from Eastwood with my Dad and brother to my brother’s place in Greenhills and it came with a car. For two years, I drove around the city and it changed the way I saw my surroundings. I sort of lost touch with that ability to see what was around me.


a rare and blessed sight: an empty train

Coming back to Manila in 2017, I was back to commuting again but was primarily an Uber/Grab user. As of a few months ago, I returned to taking buses because the trains weren’t working. I’m taking jeeps again. I’m starting to see the city again, like, really see it again.

It’s humbling but, more importantly, it’s practical. This commuting. This reminder that I’m a part of some larger organism. It’s ecology, really, and it’s incredible what it is doing for my creative mind.

There are so many stories here and it’s puts a lot of the stories that are swimming in my head into its proper perspective. I’m getting to reconnect with my audience again and catching them in-between their day-to-day or in the midst of it.

This is vital. I’m glad that I’m doing it again.

It also helps burn calories as I am still unable to get into an exercise regime.

I’m tired after a day like today but that’s a good thing. It forces me to stay in (not that I have any desire to go out anyway). It’s just good to have that feeling of blood rushing through my body. I stay home too often and sit and write or lie down in bed to watch movies.

This is good. This is a good thing.


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