relentless (a work post)

I’m not yet done with my script for my first mainstream, commercial film. I was expecting to be done but a fifth draft was asked for and I’m still working on it right now. It came on a very busy school week when many of the kids (oh my gosh, I call the students kids now; there’s no turning back) had their INDIMRKT project and I was asked to help out and judge their projects and booths and I had to do a make-up class for the any sessions that were canceled because our government sucks.

IMG_6533 bw

I’m so tired but I can’t stop just yet; gotta keep going (photo by Shaira Luna)

And while the shooting day for my film is coming closer, a documentary project I accepted has begun.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve read enough about putting a documentary film together but I’ve never actually done one before. I don’t want to screw up because this is going to be big and it’s a subject that’s very close to me and it’s going to be very high profile.

I can’t talk about it just yet as we just had out second creative and production meeting but we’re ready to start shooting next weekend and I’m going to start doing pre-interviews.

And I still have half of the television show, At The Table, to finish. And we’ve started airing and we only have four more episodes in the bank. We still have five to go.

Next week is finals week for the kids and I won’t be teaching but I will be grading all their papers and judging their presentations. One class is going to present the pilot episodes of a web series they conceptualized for class.

I honestly have no idea how I’m going to make it.

No more big projects for awhile. Especially since I might have another job coming in — not really writing-driven — on June. This will be something I can do remotely. It’s pretty regular, it’s online community management. But it’s going to pay the bills. I’m going to be financially stable starting June.

Teaching, community management, movie reviews — it’s going to be enough. I’m going to be okay. I’ll be able to finish my end of the work on the documentary by the end of July and all the money from the documentary and the film is going to keep me alive and well until July.

By then, the community management job will kick in and everything will be smooth sailing for awhile.

And I’m going to take it easy.  I’d have done a movie and documentary and that would be great for me and my filmography for awhile. I’d really like to start on my Masters and live a bit more and experience new things so that my writing would improve and my work would reach a new level.

I was really losing my nerve. I was thinking and made another big mistake and that I screwed myself over again but I just kept at it and I didn’t stop and it’s now going to work out.

I’m not yet out of the dark clouds but it’s going to get easier very soon. Just do the work and finish what needs to finish and bring it home.

I’m almost out of it.


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