The certifiable Geekgasm of ‘Ready Player One’ (ClickTheCity)

Stephen Spielberg never disappoints with this big-budget science fiction adventure stories. Well, that’s not true. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was horrible. But still, Stephen Spielberg is a legendary storyteller and I was excited to see him come back to the genre after doing so many serious dramas.

And while I enjoyed the film immensely, I was very disappointed with the script.

Read my review here: The certifiable geekgasm of ‘Ready Player One’ (ClickTheCity).


I don’t care how good and gorgeous Tye Sheridan is, Ready Player One was fun and exciting but was too literal to be taken seriously

The action sequences were amazing. The adventure was fun but thin. So much of the narrative’s storytelling was exclusive to people who read the book or for people within the world. As an audience member, we weren’t part of the adventure. The information was not made available to us so we just had to watch and I don’t know why but I felt distant from the adventure.

But really, it’s exciting and fun and I’m glad I saw it on the big screen but I felt the story was so literal and the problem solving of the riddles felt so easy and excluded me from the narrative.

But it’s an amazing ride.


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