‘Never Not Love You’ is unafraid to get quiet, intense, and very real (ClickTheCity)

I think I just saw my favorite contemporary movie about love. Antoinette Jadaone’s Never Not Love You is a beautiful deconstruction of the romantic movie in the way that it de-romanticizes love without taking away the sheer wonder and beauty of falling in love. What it does is that it injects a very healthy dose of reality into the intense and passionate love that the two characters feel for each other and show us how much work it takes to make a relationship work.

The script, the direction, the acting, the camerawork — they are all working so seamlessly together that the film really shines and gets deep.

Read my review here: ‘Never Not Love You’ is unafraid to get quiet, intense, and very real (ClickTheCity).


The JaDine love team magic at work

This is my first time to see the love team of Nadine Lustre and James Reid at work. I’ve seen two episodes of their television show On the Wings of Love and I wasn’t sure what the fuss was all about. Now that I get to see them in a full narrative, I’m very impressed.

The chemistry between them is real and it’s electric. James Reid is an actor who really listens in character. He’s not just throwing lines, he’s embodying the situation. Of course, it does help that his character, Gio, is very much like what I think of him as a person. I don’t know him personally but it’s my impression of what he’s like in real life but, still, it’s amazing onscreen and he’s charming as hell.

But Nadine Lustre is a real star. Her acting is incredible, reaching deep down and portraying worlds inside of her that is only hinted at onscreen. She’s working on so many levels and can convey so much with her body. It’s wonderful to watch.

And Antoinette Jadaone has always been one of my favorite screenwriters and directors but this is a new notch higher than anything she’s done so far. She’s truly leveled-up here and the work is so dynamic and charged with meaning.

This is really an amazing movie.


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