grad school

I really want to pursue my grad school plans. I’ve become more and more invested in my teaching career and I know now that I can do this as my regular job and still write for the film industry.


Giving a lecture on Screenwriting last year for the Subangan Film Festival

If I have a Masters degree, I’d probably get promoted to a higher teaching position, which would mean that I could survive on teaching at least nine units a term, which is what I’m doing now. If I can reduce my side jobs to just reviewing films and theater and live off of teaching and writing a film every year, I’d be very, very happy.

Grad school would also help me get the confidence to write and not have to second guess myself at every turn. I’m writing a full-length feature again, after four years, and I’ve found myself doing amateur mistakes and I believe that grad school would really prevent me from relying on safe choices.

At the same time, I know I can teach Screenwriting and whatever else the department asks me to teach but having a Masters degree would take away the feelings of insecurity that hits me sometimes.

Of course I’d love to get a scholarship and live abroad and study abroad focusing just on my graduate studies, but I don’t want to lose this momentum I’m building with the work here. I’m looking at grad school options here in Manila or taking an online Masters program because I just want that degree. I want to do that extra work.

I’d have to be able to afford it, of course, but I want it. I’m investing in myself and in my future.

I think I’ve reached a point where I have learned everything I can at my level and I want to level up. I want to learn and grow and develop and get better now. After this movie I’m working on comes out, I’m going to be playing in a very different playing field now. So things have to change.

I have to change. I have to evolve. Grad school will do that for me.



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