Overly Simplistic, ‘Red Sparrow’ Plays Out Like American Propaganda (ClickTheCity)

I really, really didn’t like Red Sparrow. I was on a row with other film reviewers at the press screening and we were all chuckling to ourselves from the bad dialogue and the strange beats the film’s narrative was taking. And there was so much nudity and sex and it wasn’t filmed well. It was a strange thing to watch from two very accomplished Hollywood players — Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence. You kind of expect more from these two.

Read my review here: Overly Simplistic, ‘Red Sparrow’ Plays Out Like American Propaganda (ClickTheCity).


Jennifer Lawrence and Charlotte Rampling in the rather awful Red Sparrow

What gets to me is seeing some early press for the film on Twitter and people calling it “fresh” and “daring,” which I thought it was neither. A similar film that does this narrative better is Point of No Return (or Assassin) with Bridget Fonda. Or the film that it is based on La Femme Nikita.

I just saw Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years and she was so excellent there that seeing her was sort of heartbreaking. There were just so many things wrong about this film, especially in its “America is good, Russia is bad” take on espionage and geopolitics. It’s so simplistic, I felt cheated.

The sad thing is? I think it’s going to make a lot of money.


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