‘Every Day’ is a Delightful Film That Celebrates Love in its Many Forms (ClickTheCity)

When I saw the trailer for Every Day, something in my heart twisted. I’m such a sucker for the recent batches of Young Adult Romances, especially with supernatural twists. I’m a romantic. And even if I find the movies not executed that well, I still find some measure of joy watching these stories. It doesn’t take much to stir me when seeing a romantic film. It could be a bad film but if the main characters really fall in love on the screen, that the director takes their time to make it happen, then I’ve got my money’s worth.

Every Day did this for me.

Read my review here: ‘Every Day’ is a Delightful Film That Celebrates Love in its Many Forms (ClickTheCity).


Angouri Rice carries the whole premise of Every Day on her shoulders (or lap) and succeeds to help make this story believable and carries it through

Yes, there are problems, especially the missed opportunities with regards to the universality of love and how it can be represented, especially in this sort of plot and its fantastical elements.

Based on a David Levithan book, Every Day takes an unusual and fantastical premise and brings us into a whirlwind love story and addresses the problems found within its catchy hook. I’m surprised. It hit all the right notes for me.

I didn’t cry, though, mostly because of the feeling-rushed final act but it’s quite enjoyable.


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