Words and Statesmanship: ‘Darkest Hour’ is a Powerful and Timely Film (ClickTheCity)

This is the one that’s going to get Gary Oldman his much-deserved Oscar. He has done such amazing work over the years and it’s a shame that this is only his second nomination. But what a nomination! His portrayal of Winston Churchill during the first month of office as Prime Minister, during the rise of World War II and the Nazi invasion of Europe is a masterclass in acting.

Read my review here: Words and Statesmanship: ‘Darkest Hour’ is a Powerful and Timely Film (ClickTheCity).


Gary Oldman better win the Oscar for this role

In my review, I make a big deal out of what movies can do, one of which is to tell stories that remind us what we are sorely lacking today. Art, when done well, is a mirror and a reflection of today’s society.

Director Joe Wright (I love Joe Wright) tells a story that happened seventy-eight years ago but he is talking about our world today. It’s an amazing use of the medium to retell this story now and make it solely about this moment in time and this person who navigated through it and still remind us of what is happening to us today.

That’s good art for you.

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