If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan)

I saw a note I had written in my phone and it said “Karen Souza — Never Tear Us Apart” and I was wondering why I wrote that down. I knew it was a song so I went on Spotify and checked it out and it was a pretty damn good jazz version of the song by INXS and I got into it.

So I started listening to Karen Souza songs on Spotify and I was kind of impressed by her jazz renditions of songs like Everyday is Like Sunday and Creep. I decided to put together a playlist on Spotify called Jazz Break My Heart and fill it up with jazz songs by women.

And then I found this song:

I was only familiar with the Studio 54 version of Amber, Ultra Nate, and Jocelyn Enriquez. I just loved dancing to the song and would sing along but never really stopped to know what I was singing.

When I heard this version, I was stunned. It was so beautiful and somber and so sad. I Google-d the lyrics and found out that it was such a sad song and I was floored. I couldn’t stop listening to it.

It’s so strange to rediscover a song in this manner. No, not strange at all, but so random yet beautiful. It hit me hard and I don’t know why since I’m not heartbroken. Maybe it’s because Valentine’s is coming up. I don’t know.

It’s just such a beautiful song and this is a beautiful version of it by two amazing singers.


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