Good Wolf: A New Breed of Wedding Films (The Spark Project)

Two good friends of mine, Jake Jereza and Bardo Wu, are documentary filmmakers who make short films about queer lives. They do other stuff too, of course, but know they are starting their own business, filming cinematic wedding videos and they need help in building their portfolio and shooting a personal wedding project for a good friend of theirs.

Their project background:

An impressive portfolio is essential for the kind of work we want to do, but with only one wedding under our belt, we need to build ours. We had offered to do the wedding film of our friends who believe in us immensely and are some of the most beautiful souls we know, but their wedding is to be held in Amsterdam, where one of them is from, making it quite expensive for us to be there.

To know more: Good Wolf: A New Breed of Wedding Films (The Spark Project).

I met Jake and Bardo several years ago, when they were shooting videos for Bench Blog and short documentary features for Team magazine. They are creative and exciting and they are very, very good guys.

This particular wedding in Amsterdam is very important for them because it’s also the wedding of their first subject for their documentary feature. It’s personal. And it’s a story that would be lovely to be told.

Check out the link above and help them out. They have a rewards program included in the project details. And they are wonderful people who will make gorgeous wedding videos.

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