In ‘The Greatest Showman,’ everything is as easy as a song (ClickTheCity)

My first review for ClickTheCity is finally up. I reviewed The Greatest Showman and despite its thin story and very one-dimensional characterizations, I really enjoyed myself. The whole film is very manipulative but it works because it’s so sincere.

Read my review here: In ‘The Greatest Showman,’ everything is as easy as a song (ClickTheCity).


Zendaya and Zac Efron flying high in a scene from The Greatest Showman

I’m so happy to have seen Zac Efron sing and dance since I never caught Hairspray or High School Musical. I like Zac Efron and it’s nice to see him doing the stuff that put him in the spotlight in the first place. I love Michelle Williams but this was not a vehicle for her talents. I heard that she got bad reviews for her work in Cabaret before Emma Stone took over so I’m glad she got to redeem herself here, in the musical realm, anyway. But, really, this was all about Rebecca Ferguson, who dazzles and sparkles and shines.

The songs are really the reason to watch this because every number is big and anthemic and while I would’ve preferred a bit of pacing — did everything have to be a big song number? — I liked them all individually.

It was a good film. Made me feel good afterwards but when everything is said and done, the movie’s effect is gone and I’m still thinking about Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and Get Out and Call Me By Your Name. It’s a good film. But it will get lost in the shuffle.


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