‘RD3RD’ is a frightening wake-up call (Inquirer Lifestyle)

And I’ve come full circle and have returned to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, writing for the theater section, this time, rather than the Super section where I first started contributing to newspapers on a regular basis. My first review for the section is on the play RD3RD, which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Read my review here: ‘RD3RD’ is a frightening wake-up call (Inquirer Lifestyle).


Missy Maramara acting a storm as Lady Anne in RD3RD

Despite the gaudy and non-sensical costume choices of director Anton Juan, I felt that the play was very hard-hitting, which is what it set out to do. I wasn’t so happy with it when I stepped out of the theater but I had a difficult time getting home so I ended up sitting with the play for a long time. When I finally got home, I was so tired I went straight to bed instead of writing my review and when I woke up, I felt very differently about the play.

I’m glad I didn’t write the review right away because I was able to separate myself from my personal feelings and be completely objective with the play. And that clarity allowed me to appreciate the play even further, way after I have seen it.

I hope to be able to hold on to that level of clarity for the remainder of my career.



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