everything was a metaphor

My New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day was amazing. My first two days, I was annoyed because Boracay had changed so much from the last time I was there. I kept catching myself saying under my breath, “This used to be so beautiful.”


photo by Cez Golez

But I was smiling the whole time and I was just enjoying myself.

The beach front has changed. It rides up so close to the beach front resorts now during high tide but the water is still lovely and the sand still the finest I’ve experienced. There were lots of people and I knew that and that’s exactly why I came and I got exactly what I wanted.

So I stopped myself from being such an asshole and just enjoyed myself. And I did.

I got what I wanted. I got to go to a beautiful beach before the year’s end and started the new year in a beach and those things are important to me.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday because I just love endings and beginnings. It’s the poet in me, I guess. Always trying to find things that are symbolic. I love metaphors.

Being in Boracay again, after so long, was a metaphor. Being there when some projects didn’t push through in December like I expected and being at the edge of my finances, but managing somehow to make it and have the kind of New Year’s Eve was a metaphor.

I shaved off my facial hair and let it grow during that period and even that was a metaphor.

It was cloudy and even raining most of my stay but the sun came out on the last day and I was able to get all of the sun I needed. I swam anyway in the cold waters and, even if I hate the cold, I was there swimming and connecting with the sea. Despite the overcast, I still got dark. I got what I wanted even if the conditions were not ideal and that is a metaphor.


sunset of December 30, 2017 in Boracay

Right now, it’s looking like a good year and I’m hoping to carry it through towards next New Year’s Eve.

I’m definitely going back to Boracay this year.

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