‘Ang Panday’ and the failure of the single savior plot (InterAksyon)

I can’t believe the last movie I will see in the cinema was Ang Panday. The movie had everything in it and it melted my brain. It melted my brain for being so extra. It’s such a sad thing, in my opinion, that this would be the last film I saw in the cinema in 2017, and the last film I will review for InterAksyon.

Read the review here: ‘Ang Panday’ and the failure of the single savior plot (InterAksyon).


Coco Martin in the very indulgent and bloated Ang Panday

There are changes happening in InterAksyon and, for the meantime, my contract with them will end by December and I won’t be writing for them in the new year. I don’t know if I’ll be taken back in but I have begun to look for other opportunities to write my reviews elsewhere.

I am extremely happy to have worked with them and it was one of the more enjoyable contributing positions I’ve ever had in my career. I hope to work with that team again soon. Hopefully.

It’s such a funny, ironic thing to find the last film I’d see and write a review for in 2017 to be something as insane as Ang Panday but this is a crazy world and this is a crazy industry I am a part of and I can’t imagine being in any other industry.


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