clearer vision


My new look

The other day, I got my glasses and I saw the world differently. I saw the world clearly for the first time since 2010. Meningitis destroyed my eyesight (or was it retinopathy) and for the past seven years, everything has been blurry and I was misinformed and told that glasses couldn’t fix things.

But when my friends were all trying out another friend’s new pair of glasses because he had cool frames, I tried it on and I saw the world so wonderfully through his lens.

I wanted to see that way again.

So I went to my eye doctor and he told me that my eyesight had improved since my hospitalization back in 2010. My eyes didn’t have permanent damage and I’m now just near-sighted. So he prescribed me glasses and I wore it all night when I first got it last Friday and I was just so amazed by the brightness and the colors and the clarity.

I even saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi with them and it was gorgeous. The difference was so stark. Everything was sharp. It was lovely.

I missed having to be able to see things with that much definition. I can’t wait to catch theater shows again and movies. I hope my reading gets better. I am just so happy.

It was a tough year, for sure, but it ends in a clearer note, at least. This is something I did for myself.


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