Words and moving pictures (Panorama)

So I wrote something for Panorama in their book issue last November and I only got to see it recently on the online edition. I had almost forgotten I had written it. It’s a long piece about how reading books on Scriptwriting, to teach in class, made me realize things about myself as a Scriptwriter.

You can read the article here: Words and moving pictures (Panorama).



not the photo they used in the article but I’m sure it would do (Photo by Tuchi Imperial and taken in 2015)

I’ve really, really falling in love with teaching and I can’t wait to start teaching two classes next term. Funnily enough, the class I might teach will force me to get and look at new books, which I plan to read over the break.

I’ll be getting glasses soon. I don’t know why but I can’t wait for that as well. I think I’d look good in glasses and I can’t wait to have that feeling of clear vision again. I’m hoping my reading will get back on track once that’s fixed.

I miss having good eyesight.


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