Project Headshot Clinic X

I’m one with the millions of people all over the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

My advocacy began with the Headshot Clinic and with Niccolo Cosme. Ten years ago, he shifted Project Headshot Clinic‘s message for HIV awareness and prevention and it marks the year that I became public with my HIV status.

Ten years down the line and we are still fighting to end HIV and AIDS and the stigma that comes with it.


It’s World AIDS Day today. It’s my tenth celebration of this day as a person living with HIV. My tenth year as an advocate. My tenth year of going public with my HIV status. While I’ve been reading more and more articles about how scientists are coming closer and closer to a working cure and vaccine, the behaviors and the attitudes towards sex and people who are living with HIV have remained the same. In the Philippines, the numbers are getting worse.

A cure is not going to change the fact that we do not take of each other. We do not take care of ourselves.

That has to change. Let us be the change. I remember, in one Headshot Clinic, Niccolo said that “we are the cure.” We can end HIV and AIDS together. We just have to love ourselves, love each other, and stay informed.

It’s World AIDS Day today. Let’s do our part.




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