writing + teaching

It’s been almost a month since I finished my corporate class and I just ended my workshop session at SHIFT last Monday. I have two more sessions before my SCRIPT2 class at Benilde is done. It’s been an amazing few months of teaching and I realized, from the feedback I’ve been getting, I’m an okay teacher.


Once a week, I’m here and discovering that I like being here… I love teaching

Okay, fuck that, I’m a good teacher. I am not going to do that modesty shit that I do all the time. I’m good at it. I really love doing it. I get a kick out of opening other people’s points-of-view and showing them how to best use their skills and talents. My aim, every time I’m in that classroom, is to make sure they come out excited about writing (and films, for the film classes). I want them coming out of there thinking they can do it and that they want to do it.

When I’m up there, it’s not about me. Some people might think so, but it’s not. I have so much to share.

I grew up in an artistic household. My parents had all these artists come to the house when I was a kid and we got to talk to them and I got to hear all these points-of-views that really opened up my world. Every time I saw a movie, especially with my dad, we’d breakdown the film and the techniques that were used. We talked about filmmaking.

And I want to share all of that with people.

I’ve been writing professionally for over twenty years now. I started when I was fourteen. I know I’m not the best writer there is but there are practical techniques and things and perspectives that I’ve learned from having done this for so long. I support myself, and have always supported myself, through writing.

And now, even if I’m not going to be the best writer out there and I won’t get to produce as much work as I would like because I’m not good enough, I know that I have this — teaching — as something else that I can be passionate about.

Because when I’m up there and sharing everything that I know — and I am very democratic about the information and opinions that get shared in class, I am very open to everyone’s insight and thoughts — I feel alive. It feels right.

4 thoughts on “writing + teaching

    • It’s great, isn’t it? And it’s not about you, it’s them. Nothing greater than stepping out of a class and knowing they are coming out of there knowing more than they did before. I just love that I get to do it every week.

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