‘Justice League’ is by-the-numbers and lacks dramatic tension (InterAksyon)

Of course, I had to have my say. I was planning on watching some more Cinema One Originals Festival before catching Justice League since I knew it was going to be in the theaters for another week, at least. But someone had a free ticket and I thought: why not? After watching it, I now figured out why not.

Read my review here: ‘Justice League’ is by-the-numbers and lacks dramatic tension (InterAksyon).


Not even Gal Gadot or Ezra Miller’s charms could save Justice League from it’s plot without a story

I loved Wonder Woman in it, though. And I love Ezra Miller but the take on Flash, while different and fresh, just seemed out of place. I loved Ray Fisher’s Cyborg but they never managed to make it feel lived in.

There is no tension, no struggle. Everything was easy. And that was my biggest frustration with it. It had so much going for it but it felt so superficial. It was lacking in any real sense of exposition so that when the heroes did things, it had the context of struggle. So much of the intensity and weight came from the previous films and a film, even a sequel, has to be able to bring up that energy on its own.

Such a waste of Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller, to be honest.


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