‘The Chanters’ finds its charm through its rawness (InterAksyon)

Yesterday, I saw three films in competition in the QCinema International Film Festival. The three films I saw were all quite strong and well-made. Considering that there are only eight films in competition, that’s a good ratio to have. Especially since everyone is raving about another film I have yet to see. It looks really good for QCinema this year.

The first film I saw was The Chanters and it’s always a pleasure seeing regional films in the language of that province. The subtitles were unnecessary for me because I could understand the film contextually being from Bacolod myself. The film was set in Iloilo and they speak Hilagynon there as well.

Read my review here: ‘The Chanters’ finds its charm through its rawness (InterAksyon).


The Chanters is so charming in its rawness

The film has a sheen of the amateur in it except it’s quite solid in its premise and theme and halfway through, I realized my prejudice versus what I want films to be like was getting in the way of the director’s intent. The rawness of it is part of its charm and it was deliberate.

It makes the ending so much stronger when you realize what he’s trying to do in the process. I’m quite impressed with how James Robin Mayo put the film together. Realizing that he is one of the producers of Kiko Boksingero, I realized that this is the milieu with which he works in, thematically, but his own direction is more playful. And that’s a good thing.


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