underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb

This is a scheduled post. Yesterday, I got in my friend Lance’s car and together we drove to La Union to meet up with our friend DC to hang out for a day and a night at the beach and celebrate Lance’s last few days as a bachelor. Next month, he’s getting married and our friendship makes another adjustment.

DC was the first to get married and now it’s Lance’s turn, and since I don’t see myself getting married, that’s about it for us. Soon, we’ll be celebrating their kids’ special days but we’d have done all the special, once-in-a-lifetime, grown-up events for us. We’ve come along way since college.


I hope this is exactly what I’m doing right now when this post goes live (photo taken in 2015 at Bataan by Cez Golez)

And while I’m so happy to be spending time with my friends, especially since we don’t see each other often, I’m also here for me. For me to reconnect with the sea and to finally have my ritual of water where I release all the darkness from the past few months into the sea. Wash it away with salt.

If I could become just a drop of ocean, I would.

So if you’re reading this today, hopefully, I’m underwater. I’m communing with the sea. And my friends are just nearby. We’ll be celebrating Lance’s upcoming wedding and I’ll be leaving behind a lot of pain and hurt.

I really, really love the beach.


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