take me to the beach

It’s almost a year now since I was last at the beach and that’s too long. I’m struggling with something that I don’t have a complete understanding of just yet and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. By what exactly, I am also not so sure of.

And the best thing I can think of to do right now is to just head out to the beach and go under. I’ve always found that connecting with the sea has always been a sort of tune up session that I do for myself. I used to do it twice or thrice a year back in 2012 until 2015. It sort of rebooted my whole system.

I think I need to do it again, badly.


Look how happy I was in 2014 at Rocha Braixinha-Nascente, a beach a little off of Faro and my first taste of the Atlantic (and the Atlantic’s first taste of me)

I’m planning a trip with two of my good friends, DC and Lance, as Lance is about to get married and the three of us just needs to get out and catch up like we’ve been planning to but never get around to doing.

I’m swamped with work. Behind on some of my writing. My teaching load is catching up with me. But I need this because I’m not myself and I just need to be in sea water. I need to reconnect with the ocean. A symbolic return to the source sort of thing. It’s corny. It’s so poetic (you can roll your eyes now) but it’s something that has always worked before.

I’m also planning to spend New Year’s in a beach. This time with Cez. I’ve already booked the flight and the resort I’ll be staying in and I’m just ready to get out of here during the long break so that I can just spend the turn of the year exactly how I want to spend it and near a beach and partying like one should at the beginning and ending of anything. But that’s too long away and I need my tune up now.

This month is packed but I’m taking the day next week with two old friends for trip with the boys to sort out my head and to celebrate Lance’s last few weeks as a single man.

It feels like a mid-season ender if my life is some television show.



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