‘Blade Runner 2049’ is a perfect science fiction film (InterAksyon)

There are so many reasons why I wanted to watch Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Denis Villeneuve, and the fact that I really, really loved Blade Runner. I’m a huge fan of the first film and I grew up with it. I saw it in the 80s when I was still a kid and it was the basis for my understanding of science fiction in film format. Well, it was Blade Runner, Alien, and 2001 a Space Odyssey.

And after seeing it, I really, really loved Blade Runner 2049. It irks me to no end that so many reviews praise it for its visual mastery but call the story thin. I found the film rife with character conflict and exposition that was integral to really digging into the film’s theme.

Read my review: ‘Blade Runner’ is a perfect science fiction film (InterAksyon).


Director of Photography Roger Deakins pulls out all the stops for this amazing visuals for Blade Runner 2049

I really could have geeked out on my review and made it three pages long so it was really difficult for me to rein it in. But my intention was to review the film’s technical strong points and how it is so significant in how it pushes the story’s themes further than actually talking about direct narrative points because I didn’t want to ruin the film’s experience for people.

There’s so much to talk about but I didn’t want to use spoilers to help justify my points and why I loved the film so much. So I had to be very vague this time round, not wanting to spoil anything for anyone.

I wish I chose to put spoiler warnings and just gone to town with my review, if I had know that people were going to call the story thin in many reviews that I read. But that’s just me.


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