what I see

I’m enjoying Instagram again.

For awhile, I was having difficulty in finding things that inspire me to take photos. With Instagram Stories, I don’t have to keep posting photos of nights out or when I’m simply hanging out with friends. I can just share that on Instagram Stories and not have to leave it on my feed.


Things I get to see walking around Poblacion

Of course, I’ll post super memorable ones. Ones that I can wax poetic on the caption about friendship and growing older and wiser. Or, if I look really cute in the photo. I’m not going to be ashamed of admitting that.

But I was getting scared because I wasn’t posting too often on my feed and I was scared that I was starting to get cynical and jaded. I was posting a lot of photos of myself and I was afraid that I was becoming more and more insulated and that I stopped caring about the world.

I got into Instagram because I liked seeing how people saw the world and I enjoyed the exercise of finding beautiful things in the mundane and showing it on my feed. I used to take a lot of street scenes, buildings, sunsets, vegetation in the city, and the like. I stopped doing that and I felt sad about how I saw the world.

It was as if I didn’t find the world that interesting anymore. It’s as if my soul had died.

But I think I’m getting it back. I’m starting to see things again when I’m walking in the streets or when I commute. I’m starting to see stories and design. Simple, inconsequential things, have started to come in focus again and I like it. I think I’m getting out of my darkness.

I think I’m getting hopeful again. I think I am going to be okay.



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