‘Respeto’ and the power of a well-defined setting (InterAksyon)

I had to see the critically acclaimed, well-loved Cinemalaya film of 2017 Respeto. Everyone was saying how good it was and I had to see it for myself. And hand’s down, it’s as good as everyone says it is. I was so impressed.

Read my review here: ‘Respeto’ and the power of a well-defined setting (InterAksyon).


Abra and Kate Alejandrino in a still from Respeto

The cast is amazing. From Abra, who plays the main character Hendrix, to Dido de la Paz, who plays Doc, and even Chai Fonacier of Patay na si Hesus is here too in a character very different from her turn in PNSH.  The other standout was Kate Alejandrino, who I’ve been seeing in so many films and web series and she always manages to stand out. She’s amazing.

I have always known that Filipino rap is so good. The language just works perfectly with the medium. The repeating syllables, the potential rhymes, the play with the tenses and the prefixes/suffixes (unlapi, gitlapi, hunlapi in Filipino). The film puts this all in center focus but the film is so much more. So much more.

This is a must-see!

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