first day teaching at SHIFT

Today was my first day teaching at SHIFT. With only five students, I felt more in control and I felt like the conditions were better suited for me as a teacher/instructor because I could really get to know each one individually and put my empathy to great use.


with my first ever class at SHIFT

Teaching scriptwriting, at its core, involves teaching creativity and the use of the imagination and having a small class meant we can really sit down and talk in a situation that encourages the free expression of ideas and chance to really bring out people’s imaginative talents.

I guess it also helped that I went through my first day at CSB and I got a feel of how it is to teach scriptwriting. The first lesson plan I had prepared was a little off and I got to perfect it for the SHIFT class. Of course, the SHIFT class will be moving faster and more in-depth because it’s a smaller class and we can share ideas easily and in a more free-flowing manner. It’s more democratic because everyone will get a chance to talk and to express themselves and ask questions.

I will always try to do that for even the CSB class but with 22 students in the room, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to everyone. I don’t want to move too fast for the ones who won’t pick up as quickly but I don’t want to go too slow for the brighter ones to get bored. It’s going to be a lot more work on my part.

The first class is always going to be messy and a little disjointed but now that I’ve got my bearings, I now how to do this and where to go.

This is it. I’m ready to make 2017 my teaching year. This will be a year for education: what I can impart and what I can learn in the process.



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