‘The Beguiled’ is a story of war on all fronts (InterAksyon)

I’m a huge fan of Sofia Coppola’s films. Well, for all the ones I’ve seen except for The Virgin Suicides and I had a long talk with my dad about the film (he loved it) and I thought, maybe I was too young when I saw it. I couldn’t catch the nuances that my dad caught and I didn’t cultivate yet an appreciation for Sofia Coppola’s subversive filmmaking techniques.

Regardless, I loved everything else she’s made that I’ve seen. And The Beguiled is no exception.

Read my review here: ‘The Beguiled’ is a story of war on all fronts (InterAksyon).


The women of The Beguiled

Nicole Kidman is wonderful here and Colin Ferrell is at his most charming. It’s a wild ride of a movie but I loved all the subversive themes, which Sofia Coppola never really indulges in. It’s all just there at the surface and you have to pick it up yourself.

This movie is so amazing.

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