trains, trains, trains


Taken just today, train ride number one

It was a busy day today. I took five train rides today just getting from one thing to another. First it was to pick up files for a script I’m writing for a television show in Quezon City and then it was off to the College of St. Benilde (CSB) for my day of class as part of the faculty of the Department of Digital Film and then back to Quezon City to pick up my external hard drive for the television show.

It was very familiar to me.  I’ve done this before back in the days when I was teaching back in 2004. There was something so romantic about taking the train to work. Watching the world move past you in a zip and the scenes of lives that I’d probably never know just pass me by as I’m moving towards something I really enjoy doing, which is teaching.

I’m exhausted now, though, tired beyond belief. My first day in class was less than ideal. I was prepared. I’ve been reading and preparing but when I got to class, the whole thing jarred me and I was thrown in a loop. I was expecting, I don’t know, something different. I was lead to believe that I had an unruly class to take care of.

“Be careful of the CSB kids,” I was told. “Are you ready to teach CSB kids?”

I was expecting to be exerting dominance over an excited bunch but instead I faced a quiet room of 22 students just waiting for me to do something. It’s been so long since I was a student myself in a classroom setting and even then the world was so different. It took a long, long while before my empathy finally kicked in and started to feel out the class.

Luckily, I had planned on an exercise that would get them to be on their feet and to leave the classroom for fifteen minutes while I get my bearings.

I feel like I was able to ground myself but I was disappointed with my first day. I’m usually better but I have two television shows that I have to finish before the week ends and I’ve only had less than a week to prepare for this class.

I’ll be ready next time. I’ll be taking the train again to get to school and that’s my Wednesday schedule until December.


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