Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover) by Misterwives

I found Misterwives through Spotify radio. I was listening to something, I can’t remember what anymore, and when the album had ended (I am listening to full albums again) Spotify went straight to album radio and a Misterwives song came on. It was Machine and I loved it. I put it on a playlist and I kept coming back to it that I ended up checking their Spotify page and found this track, their cover of Chance the Rapper’s Same Drugs.

I know a lot of my friends like Chance the Rapper but I’ve never really heard any of his songs, much less this one, but when I heard Misterwives’ version of it, it hit me.

There’s something about that line:

We don’t do the same drugs no more

As someone who used to be a user back in the early parts of 2000 and whose gone clean (I’ve been clean and drug free for ten years now), I can really get that message. There’s something deep and profound in the way Misterwives sings this song. There’s a lot of thought and nostalgia and maybe even regret and it’s lovely.

There’s joy too and I get that and I love that.

I love this song and I love listening to Misterwives. I’ve made a playlist of their songs on Spotify and saved it so I can listen to it anywhere.

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