And it’s been confirmed

It looks like I’m teaching this term. I have my schedule for my class in SHIFT and my class for the College of St. Benilde. I’m going to be teaching this year! I’m so excited. This is what I want: a job that is still involved in film and allows me to share what I know and a regular paycheck so I can focus on just teaching and writing films. And write my reviews for InterAksyon, of course.

This is what I wanted to do when I got back to Manila. This is all I wanted to do.


Feeling strong (Photo by Tuchi Imperial Poem by Wanggo Gallaga)

I’m now going to print and work on my faculty application forms and ID forms and all that stuff. Then I can start working on my syllabus, lesson plans, and teaching materials.

I went through hell from June until the first three weeks of August. Almost three whole months of hardship but it was worth it to finally get to this. I’m so glad I made it through.


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