getting back on track

I just heard a rumor that I might be teaching next term. Well, it’s not really a rumor, I guess, but more like someone was told something that hasn’t been told to me just yet. I don’t know. I think it’s weird that a stranger heard the news before I did. There’s no official word yet. I haven’t been offered a teaching load yet but it’s being talked about, that’s for sure, and that’s something.

That’s really something.


Giving a talk on story development at the Subangan Film Camp at the Manila Cinematheque last weekend

I’ll be teaching classes at SHIFT starting next week and if this rumor proves to be true, then I’ll be teaching at a school for the coming term/semester. This is big for me because that means I don’t have to take projects on the side because the teaching job would provide for my day-to-day expenses and I still have my reviews to add extra money and I still have film projects that I’m working on. I can be stable now and I’ll be okay.

And I just got a call just a few minutes ago with another film offer. I’m almost done with all my corporate projects, which means that starting next week, I can really just focus on all my scripts. Maybe I can keep this up next month all the way until November and just focus on teaching and writing films.

I would really, really love that right now. All the things that I was hoping for are finally coming through; things that were promised, things that were offered are finally materializing.

It was a very tough past three months but it’s finally coming together.


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