‘Triptiko’ is an uneven trilogy of shorts that explore weirdness (Interakyson)

I got to see this movie last week during it’s special preview with the actors and the director. When the film was over, I had to turn to my seat mate, a friend also from Interaksyon and asked if she liked it because I didn’t. Her answer helped me form my review and validated my thoughts on the film.

Read my review here: Triptiko’ is an uneven trilogy of shorts that explore weirdness (Interaksyon).


Kylie Padilla and Kean Cipriano are excellent in the only segment of Triptiko that’s worth watching

You can see the influences of Tarantino here and the attempts at David Lynch, but I have such a high regard for David Lynch and his movies and I felt that the attempt was there but he never really came close. The film, though, has one really good segment and it reinforces my belief in the acting skills of Kean Cipriano and introduced me to the fearlessness of Kylie Padilla. Everything else, though, was not as good.

And as beautiful as Albie Casino and Joseph Marco are as people, I’m afraid they still have a lot to learn as actors.

This is the second film from the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino that I got to see. I hope to catch more. Please watch Patay na is Hesus because it’s hilarious.


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