The timeless overpowers the timely in ‘West Side Story’ revival (Interaksyon)

I wanted to say more, actually. I had so much more to say but it would have gone against my new writing style for reviews. I could’ve gone really technical and gone down every aspect of the show — the good and the bad — but I’ve done that a lot in my reviews for Juice and now I feel like that’s not the way to write a review.

I like to focus on one main element and talk about that and just go through the other parts of the show in passing. But this production of West Side Story was tempting me to break this new style I’m developing.

Read the article here: The timeless overpowers the timely in ‘West Side Story’ revival (Interakyson).


Jenna Burns and Kevin Hack as Maria and Tony in the international touring production of West Side Story on stage at Solaire

I was hoping to love this show but there was so much that I didn’t like. There’s nothing like hearing a Leonard Bernstein score being played live with a full orchestra and the music is much more lovely than I remember but the musical is not as I remember it to be and the directorial choices of this production was all wrong. Kevin Hack is an amazing singer but he, nor could Keely Beirne (who played Anita), couldn’t save the show.

I really wanted this show to be magical.


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