gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

I’m going to be so swamped this August. I’ve stopped accepting work right now because it’s insane. The amount of work I have to finish before the month ends. But it’s okay to be saying no to new work right now because I’m going to be stable and okay until November. I have breathing space, financially, so I don’t have to get distracted with wondering how I’m going to make it to the next month.


saw this at Naima Cafe and had to take a photo

Things are going well, finally, and I’m feeling like I have both feet on the ground.

But that also means that I’ll be going out less for the rest of the month except for the social engagements I’ve already agreed to like what I will be doing this weekend. I just came from my niece’s birthday party. My brothers were there and my cousins and we got to hang out again. Tomorrow, we are going to Enchanted Kingdom.

Been thinking a lot about who I’ve become and who I’m going to end up being. It’s all about my choices and I have to start making better choices.

Coming back to Manila was the right choice. I could’ve been smarter about it and came with money. I made it this far and that’s admirable. I put trust in myself and I got through the first five months and, as of today, I’m doing okay. But I could’ve been smarter about it.

And I know I missed my friends and missed having a social life and getting all this new input from people of varying industries and age groups and mindsets. But I shouldn’t try to fill up what I missed last year in one go. Take it one day at a time. You’re back, Wanggo, don’t panic. They are always going to be there.

Right now, it’s time to work. And you’re going to do amazing work because you’ve been wanting this and you’ve been through so much and you can put that into your work. And, yes, I’m still talking to myself here.

I’m going to be a good boy the rest of this month.


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